Corporate Culture
Longshow Group is owned by our excellent teams in weaving, dying, bleaching, and sewing procedure. All our teams plus our professional and independent QC team, their best practice in industry together with Longshow Group ensures that all of our processes and products' quality are strictly monitored and well controlled for each customer.

Our motto is "Quality, Service, Customer" , it highlights our core value. Longshow Group has been providing our premium products and exceptional service to each of our valued customers from U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and over the world. We are exciting to hear from any new customers like you.

We appreciate your business in the near future.

company values
- For customer: satisfing customers needs is our object of all working
- Teamwork : sincere and efficient,hold together,share everything.
- Embrace changes:  open the arms to change,brave to innovate.
- Good faith: honest,loyal,magnanimous
- Passion: positive,optimistic, never giving up.
- Dedication:professional,persistent,seeking increasing perfection.
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